You are currently viewing Scottish Distilleries A-Z: Collector Series (23)

Scottish Distilleries A-Z: Collector Series (23)

POUR LIST: (6 samples, 1.0 ounce each)


This tasting series which happens every two weeks will explore all 160 Scottish distilleries (post-WWII). We are tasting unique bottling with an average cost of $300 per bottle. Whisky is of course about good smells and good tastes. But whisky never tastes as good, if it is not shared with good friends. Thanks to all who are continuing this journey with us, weather it is every two weeks or as you are able. The fellowship is wonderful. We have a few spots every two weeks for more to join us. However, as more folks discover this series, we expect it will be selling out weeks in advance.

What’s included:

  • Six, 1-ounce samples where average bottle price is $300
  • Tasting glass,
  • Tasting notes with fun scotch facts and distillery information.


  • Convalmore 15-year old (Silent Distillery, Known for its Fruity/Waxy Style)
  • Glen Garioch 19-year old (Distillery with oily-spicy character, but in a wine cask)
  • Cardhu 21-year old (Distillery with fruity-floral character that is the home of Johnny Walker)
  • North British 35-year old (Single Grain Distillery that uses predominantly corn, 1 of 170 bottles)
  • Scapa 20-year old (Island whisky that is fruity not smoky, 1 of 208 bottles)
  • Craiglodge[Loch Lomond] 13-year old (Silent Brand that was medium-peated, 1 of 191 bottles)

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